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Atsuda Jingu Nambokucho Ko-Katchushi Tsuba



A welcome homecoming.  I love it when good things get recycled back to me.  An extremely important and rare ubu Ko-Katchushi tsuba from the Nambokucho period, in superb condition, having spent a good part of its life as a treasure of the Atsuda Jingu.  Sukashi of the five elements: earth, water, wind, fire, void.   9.51 cm x 9.53 cm mimi 8.1 mm.  Deep blue-black iron with abundant globular tekotsu throughout.  There are remnants of clear lacquer which further protected the tsuba.  In addition to the hakogaki by Kunzan (Homma Junji Sensei), this was confirmed as property of the Atsuda Jingu by Uchida Masayuki San, the Atsuda Shrine curator, which unfortunately been lost.  Referencing Sasano, tsuba of this size and shape, with a very wide mimi are found in Enbun (1356 - 1361)  to Oei (1394), and the slightly wider than tall examples are early in this period.  This fits  the parameters for tsuba made around Enbun (1356 - 1361).   This was likely only mounted once before becoming the property of the Jingu.    The hakogaki reads:  Ko-Katchushi  Atsuda Jingu Tsuba / Gorin Pagoda Sukashi / Tetsuji Kana Kakutei Mimi / Showa Tsuchinohitsu (1969) / Kunzan (Homma Junji Sensei)


Again my thanks to Markus Sesko for deciphering a kanji that escaped me. 


                                                                                             Atsuda Jingu Tsuba                            Ko-Katchushi                               Kunzan (Homma Junji Sensei) / Showa Tsuchinohitsu (1969) / Tetsuji Kana Kakutei Mimi /

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Gorin Pagoda Sukashi


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