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Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes Sale

Well between dental work and cancer this deal came undone, so these are back on the market.



And a few other items to refresh her fading interest, thus must I have a sale to avoid relapsing into an unwelcome life of celibacy.   So I am reducing the price of these two items, to a painful low.  Now step over here son, and bring your wallet.  I am going to make you an offer that no one in their right mind could refuse.  Now don't listen to my offer, go away and think about and come back later, you can't do that.  But if you are someone who can grab the golden ring as it passes, and not let opportunity slip through your fingers, I will make you the deal of the ages.  A deal so sweet, that my teeth are aching just thinking about it.  $2,000 each plus shipping and credit card processing.





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