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Bamboo Tsuba


A huge brown iron tsuba from the school of Natsuo (H 06965).  Likely a graduation piece from the Tokyo School of Fine Arts.  Circa.  1850.  9 cm x 8.73 cm x 4.6 mm.  This tsuba is in such wonderful condition, and with the classic Natsuo brown patina, that were it not for the sekigane, I would have thought it a modern reproduction.  Robert Haynes said absolutely genuine Natsuo school work.   Some of Natsuo's students were Kagagawa Katsuhiro (H 02768); Tsukada Hideaki (H 00993);  Tomoo (H 010054); Sekibun (H 08120 -- click on the third tiger on my index page); Unno Shomin (H08764), who later surpassed him.   $1,800

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