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Boys Day Sword


A better an usual Boy's Day sword which were given to samurai boys on May 5, at the age of five.  Ubu, mumei, shinogizukure, iroi mune.  Hawatare: 1 shaku 4 sun 6 bu 2 rin (44.3 cm / 17.44")  Motohaba: 2.11 cm. Sakihaba: 1.46 cm. Kasane: 5.4 mm. Suguba ko-midare, widening between the monouchi and the yokote.  The jigane is masame. 

Black tsuka maki, plain silver fuchi-kashira, copper horse menuki.  An excellent shakudo nanako tsuba. The orange and black saya has a silver koiguchi and four sliver handachi mountings.  The kojiri is missing, but not noticable.  The kurikata is horn.  One piece sliver foil habaki.  The seppa are gold foil over copper.  The kozuka is missing.

The was obviously given by someone with considerable means, and is far and away above the quality that is usually associated with Boys Day swords.  $1,250

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