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Chikushi Ryokai Naginatanaoshi Wakizashi



A mounted koto wakizashi attributed to Chikushi Ryokai.  Naginatanaoshi, mitsumune.  There is a naginata hi, and a remnant of a soebi on one side.   Hawatare:  1 shaku 4 sun 5 rin (44 cm or 17.32").    The  hamon is suguba ko-midare with gunome, sunagashi, kinsuji,  hotsure, in very tight ko nie deki, and all aspects are in miniature.  There is tobiyaki. The habuchi is extremely bright, as are the fine kinsuji and sunagashi.  The jigane is an itame nagare packed with ji nie.  There is profuse nie utsure.   There are some areas of pin point openings that are of no importance.  NBTHK Hozon Kanteisho.  Chikushi Ryokai is listed in the Nihon To Meikan with a double circle, and working in later Nambokucho, around Oan jidai (1368-1375).  Yamashiro Ryokai moved to Chikushi, Buzen province.  I would have thought that this was a later work, but the Meikan only lists one other Buzen Ryokai, who worked around Chokyo (1487-1489), however,  he was in Usa, not Chikushi.

The tsuka is Higo style dark brown leather tsuka maki with external soft metal menuki of mushroom, egg plant, etc.  The fuchi-kashira are chrysanthemums are yamagane, there is a shakudo rim on the fuchi.  Prehaps Shoami work.  The iron tsuba, signed Kunihiro,  has a shakudo mimi.  The saya is brown lacquer with horn koiguchi and kurikata.  The kojiri, presumably horn, is missing.  The habaki was foiled at one time, but that is no longer there.     This blade needs and deserves a better polish.                                              


 NBTHK Hozon Kanteisho


 Nihon To Meikan

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