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Shingunto Katana


Forty five years ago, I was one of those guys doing hotel buys.  The officer who worked security, bought some military items, which are as they were when came in many years ago. very clean. 

In a private collection for the past forty five years.  WWII Japanese army tachi.  The condition is excellent plus.  Brown and blue tassel. The lade is unsigned, and there is no arsenal stamp.  Two mekugiana indicating it had been mounted previously.  so most likely dates slightly prewar.  Hawatare:  2 Saku 2 Sun 1 bu 1 rin,  (67 cm / 26.34") .  Motohaba: 3.11 cm.  Sakihaba:  2.32 cm  Kasane: 7.4 mm. Wide gunome togare hamon, a classic Mino pattern.  The temper ends in yakiotoshi, which frequently indicates a retemper, but there are no other indications.     Itame hada.  A few small stains on the blade.  3.11 7.4 mm 2.32 cm.   $1,600




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