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Goto Bird Shakudo Nanako Tsuba



New information, thanks to the publication of this tsuba's brother in Token Bijitsu, December 2011.  Yatagarasu no zu tsuba (sacred crow picture tsuba).  This is a Goto school production.  Note:  this tsuba has more elaborate work than the example in Token Bijitsu, as there are decorations on the edge as well. 

There is a full page describing this tsuba and its motif, however, my language skills are not adequate for a full translation.

A very fine small moku shakudo nanako tsuba with clouds in shakudo, gold, and copper, a silver constellation, a gold duck and a rabbit using a mortar and pestle in silver.  There is  a museum catalog number in red.  The nanako is in vertical columns, rather than concentric circles as usually seen.  The nanako is continued on the mimi, which is decorated with gold clouds. 7.08 cm x 6.44 cm x 5.1 at the mimi.  Excellent color and condition.         Boxed $2,100


Museum Catalog Number   -  Note The Fine Nanako

 Yatagarasu no zu tsuba - NBTHK Journal December 2011,  page 31


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