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  Eisendo Tsuba & Fuchi-Kashira


A futakoromono signed on the fuchi, Eisendo, an alternate signature for Sadanori of Omi province (Haynes H 07776.0).   Tsuba: 6.9 cm x 6.3 cm. x 4.1 mm.  He was active around 1775.  He was a student Tsuji Tadasuke.  He also signed  Shinshiro and Kunitomo.  He made guns as well as fittings, and there is some association with Kunitomo from Ise province (H 03671.0).  There is a scuff on the ura that should heal with time.  NTHK (Miyano faction) Kanteisho 73 points.  In a custom fitted box.    $1,850