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Rare Myochin Fireman's Ax



An important middle to late Edo ceremonial  Fireman's ax, a treasure of the fire company, never to be used in fire fighting.  51.6 cm overall and a 8.2 cm blade.  The wooden shaft is covered with a black lacquered iron sheath with Tokugawa mon in gold lacquer.  Five iron support rings, and two large iron mon with silver nunome detailing.  The blade is covered with thick silver nunome, and the ring that fits around the haft is decorated with Tokugawa mon and scrolling in gold and silver nunome.  The large iron hook for securing the ax to an obe is decorated with silver nunome of water dragons, and a cartouche in the center is signed Myochin Saku in gold nunome.  The iron butt piece is decorated with a silver nunome dragon, with gold eyes and tongue.  This is an important  one of kind item, and really belongs in a museum.                                              




Panorama  of Iron Bottom End of Ax.



Iron Mon With Silver and Gold Nunome

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