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Goto Kojo Kogai




For the serious collector.  A fourth generation Goto, Goto  Kojo, kogai.  Deep black shakudo, fine nanako, excellent condition.  

Ex Robert Haynes collection.  Purchased from the Ida family of dealers in the early 1960s.  Subsequently part of the R. B. Caldwell collection.  Hakogaki dated July 1961, by Dr. Torigoiye, signed with his art name, Kodo.  The code in his in his kakihan means that this is superior work.  The red han indicates that this is superior work by this artist. 

The fourth generation, Kojo (1529-1620), was long lived, and survived into the time of the tenth generation,, Goto Renjo (1628-1708)





Hakogaki  by Dr. Torigoiye


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