GENERAL WARNING:   I am sure that everyone is familiar with the problems with Yaya a few years ago, now it is Hanemoto.  Interestingly, he secured payment with a check from Barry Rosenfeld.  Of greater interest, is that all three shared the same address.   It should also be noted that Rosenfeld sold the two stolen swords to John Kurata, who contacted me after he aw my post. 

 84-01 Main Street #114, Briarwood, NY 11435         

His original contact was a chatty telephone call, regretting that he had missed an expensive sword that I had sold, asking if he might buy it from my customer, and enquiring about how to bring swords to Europe.

After several calls, he asked to see two wakizashi so he could decide which to buy. He decided on both, and asked for a three month payment.   Since I didn't know him, I had asked for a check to secure the swords. He claimed no account, which in retrospect, he proved to be.

I insisted that I needed a check to secure the swords, so he said he would open an account.   No check, "it must have been lost, I'll send another".

A check arrived drawn on a real bank, for the proper amount and payment notations. The account holder was Barry Rosenfeld.

Three weeks after the three months grace had passed, and there had been neither payment nor contact, I deposited the check.

Payment had been stopped. I don't know if the check was forged, or if Rosenfeld had been duped and was unwittingly complicit. I do know that the $11,500 is gone.   Edina police report 23 24500

Please share this with all your contacts.

Awataguchi Tadatsuna Wakizashi - Shodai

Awataguchi Tadatsuna - Shodai


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Izumi no Kami Kunisada

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