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Higo Kikuchi Yari



A large Kikuchi Yari signed Okidai.  An extremely thick and unusually long kikuchi yari converted to a wakizashi.  Hawatare:  1 saku 1 sun 2 bu  1 rin ( 33.97 cm / 13.375")  Motohaba:  1.8 cm.  Kasane:  1.38 cm.  Suguba ko-notare midare with ko-gunome,  based in konie.  Keisho polish makes the hamon appear fairly wide, but the actual hamon is quite narrow.  Very bright narrow habuchi, the kinsuji are as diminutive as the the hamon.  The jigane is masame with chikei.  There is one area of shintetsu.  Mounted in shirasaya with a gold foil habaki.  This has never been to shinsa, having come out of an old collection.  I cannot find reference to Okidai.

The koshirae is unusual, mounted without kurikata, brocade on the tsuka and saya with gold nishiji in the center.  The brocade is somewhat compromised.  $4,500

Long Chikei                                              






13.8 cm Habaki


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