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Hirata Hikozo Tsuba



Well, always its something.  The Lexus requires $3,650 worth of work, so it is time to make some deep cuts and get things out the door.  So I am reducing the price of this to help pad the hurt of the auto repairs.    So I am putting a price on this.                                                   


A rare lacquered iron tsuba with hakogaki to first generation Hirata Hikozo.  7.16 cm x 6.9 cm x 3.7 mm.  The plate tapers to a hexagonal  groove; the hitsuana are large Matsudaira mon.    A very rich deep black, well worked iron, that is very reflective.  Robert Haynes said that it is very rare to find works in iron.   There is a illegible remnant of a collector's attribution in red lacquer.  Not for sale at this time. 



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