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Hizen Namban Tsuba



A significant Hizen Namban tsuba.  Intaglio Ho-o birds, sentoku inlay, delineating the panels, rim, an arabesque design at the seppa dai, and nunome decoration on the face.  The reverse a sentoku wire outline around the edge, a lozenge inlay around the seppa dai, and twin dragons chasing a tama in shallow keibori with nunome.    This plate is amazingly dense, and a quality and workmanship that I do generally associate with Hizen Namban tsuba. What had gone unnoticed, was a sword cut in the mimi.  That they did so little damage is a testament to the quality of the iron.  It was my eagle=eyed daughter that pointed out there were two cuts, not one.   8.02 cm x 7.8 cm x 5.9 mm.  One sekigane is missing.   


Sword Cuts Visible on Lower Right

Sword Cuts

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