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Imperial Kirimon Kogai




Imperial Kirimon


A rare Muromachi period shakudo kogai, with gold kirimon on nanako, no later than early Muromachi.   The imperial kiri are 5 7 5, rather than the commonly seen 3 5 3.  The form of the kogai is unusual as the shaft bows slightly upward, and widens before the point.   One thought is that the mon might have been menuki, because of their height.

From a description of a tsuba (sold by an unschooled dolt - cest moi),  by Robert E. Haynes in Gai So Shi, page 103 " ... The shichi-go kiri mon has seven blossoms in the center and five on each side.  This is the Imperial form of the mon, and very rare in any design used on fittings.  ... Only a high imperial court official would have been able to have such ... on his sword." 


This go shichi go kirimon is used by the prime minister of Japan.   Ref.  


Gai So Shi - #103


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