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Kunisada Wakizashi or Uchigatana


I thought to try eBay, without a reserve.  Big mistake!  It went very cheap, as in not even close to asking price.

Well, this just got unsold.  I suspect that "not living up to expectations" translates as, "Gee I don't think I bought a $40,000 sword for a few thousand dollars". 

As I had noted, I am selling this at a gimei price.  And I am open to offers.

An ubu very stout wakizashi signed, Yamato no Kami Inoue Kunisada.  Originally two shaku, the machi was raised just enough to make it definitionally a wakizashi.  Hawatare:  1 shaku 9 sun 5 bu 4 rin (59.214 cm / 23.314"). .Motohaba: 2.98 cm. Sakihaba:  2.04 cm.  Kasane:  6.7 mm.  Togare midare hamon with yo.  There are long kinsuji, from the monouchi upward, so strong that they may be mistaken for scratches.  Tight itame hada, with a faint utsure here and there. 

The saya is polished black lacquer with even horizontal strips, with a silver kojiri.    Black multi-string tsuka ito over excellent same, clear white with large nodules. The shibuichi fuchi-kashira have turtles in gold and shakudo on a very fine nanako ground, signed Nagatsune (Kakihan), 1722 - 1787, Haynes H 06539.0. The menuki are gold and shakudo turtles, matching the fuchi-kashira.  The kurikata is a red copper puppy dog, with shakudo detailing.   The tsuba is an iron sukashi with gold detailing, signed Inshu Ju Saruga, a school piece dating around 1800 (identification by Robert Haynes)..  The seppa and habaki are gold foil. 

Although this is dimensionally a wakizashi, being 4.6 bu (39 mm / .154") off righteous, it was clearly made as a katana.  Perhaps or someone of considerable wealth, but lacking the status of samurai.  There several generations of Inoue Kunisada, the first being Shinkai.  This is not he.  Unfortunately, I do not have enough references for early or abnormal signatures, nor has this been submitted for shinsa.  So, as such, I am just offering a very nice package, which in and of itself, would seem to argue against a gimei, but then they did put lipstick on pigs if it would satisfy a customer.                                            $4,500




Nagatsune (Kakihan)         


Inshu Ju Toshigawa



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