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Japanese Tea Bowl



A hand thrown irregular bowl measuring 16. 3 cm & 16 across, 7.3 cm & 6.9 high.  The box has hakogaki and two seals.  I contacted Harry Afu Watson to get a translation, but he wrote:  "I cannot read grass writing, or even semi-grass writing.  Sorry."  If he can't, what chance have I?   Thanks to Robert Mormile we have a translation. CHOSEN UTSUSHI (Copy of Korean work) CHAWAN (Teabowl) on the top, and  TOKANJIGAMA (name of the studio)   SACHIMORI SHO (artist name).   This came out of a collection of Japanese pottery that I had acquired some fifteen or twenty years ago, that had been complied in the mid-twentieth century.  Robert Mormile wrote "--- there are many artists in the Hagi region (Yamaguchi Prefecture) that made utsushi of Korean works. The Choshu clan were their patrons. Even today this is a major area of pottery production."          n 





                                                                                                                                                     CHOSEN UTSUSHI (Utsushi of Korean work)                TOKANJIGAMA (name of the studio)
                                                                                                                                                     CHAWAN (Teabowl)                                                                   SACHIMORI SHO (artist name)                                                       


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