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Jingo Bell Flower Tsuba



A Higo Jingo tsuba of Chinese bell flowers in takabori with silver nunome.  The mimi as well is carved from the plate.  Good color and condition.  7.58 cm x 7.29  x  3.49 mm. 

Additional information from a collector of Jingo tsuba "  Very nice Jingo you just listed. If I didn’t have a very similar example already I would have ordered it straight away. Almost certainly by the 3rd Jingo master

Additional information from Michael Cox:

The design in higo terms is called “Hosoge mon, meaning noble or precious 

flower, a stylised flower based on the lotus/Chinese peonies and introduced as a 

Buddhist motif in Japan around the 8th century AD. 

The dote mimi is very nicely done , this coupled with the hitsu ana are what make me think its quite early work of the third Jingo (1691-1777).d rare example.


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