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Kai Mihara Masaoki Katana



REDUCED $1,850

An ubu, mumei shinogizukure katana attributed to Den Bingo Kai Mihara Masaokai.  Nagasa: 2. shaku 2 sun 1 bu (66.967 cm /26.36").  Motohaba:  2.964 cm.  Sakihaba:  1.734 cm,  Kasane:   6.7  mm  Chu suguba in konie with a bright habuchi, becoming wider with gunome and midare at the monouchi. Tight itame hada packed with fine jinie.The sword is in an acceptable older polish with a few surface scratches.  NTHK/NPO kanteisho.  No habaki, and only a saya in the way of fittings. 

Judging from the very fine saya, it would seem that the rest of the kosogu, and habaki were worth keeping for themselves.  A bloody shame that this wasn't left intact. 

References:  Nihonto Meikan double circle;  Nihon Toko Jiten - Koto Hen, by Fujishiro, chusaku;   Nihonto Zuikan - Koto Hen;  Toko Taikan rated at 2,800,000 yen Sharpness rating of wazamono.  As is often the case, Tokuno's dating varies somewhat from the other references.  His dating for the second generation is Daiei (1521 -1528), a few years earlier than Temmon, which starts in 1532, but certainly not a significant difference.  $2,500





This very fine saya needs to be restored.  Note the carved wood ribbing.


NTHK/NPO Kanteisho




Nihon Toko Jiten - Koto Hen



Nihonto Zuikan - Koto Hen



Nihonto Meikan



Toko Taikan


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