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Kaibu Ujiyoshi Wakizashi




After the postal department's TLC, the saya has been repaired and it is as good as -- no, better than new.  The consignor wants to move on, so the new price is $1,500m or about the value of the habaki and papers. 


A massive mumei hirazukure wakizashi attributed to Kaibu Ujiyoshi.   Hawatare: 1 shaku 4 sun 3 bu  (43.33 cm or 17.06"). Motohaba: 3.28 cm.  Kasane: 6.8 mm.  The hamon is a subdued komidare with some bright and rough ha nie.  There are strings of nie at the top of the hamon, like sunagashi, but wider.  The jigane is a strong masame, with silver lines characteristic Kaibu school.  The habaki is massive, and probably cost more than $1,000 to have made.  Mounted in shirasay, with NBTHK hozon kanteisho.  There are a few scratches and an opening in the masame visible in the first picture.  The nakago looks to have been cleaned back and recolored. 

This is a massive blade, ideal for martial artist interested in doing cutting, or for the collector interested in owning a strong and unusually seen work.    $1,800


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