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Mino Kaneharu Wakizashi



Another right from out of the woodwork.  An ubu zaimei, hirazukure wakizashi from later Muromachi in Edo period Higo koshirae.  Hirazukure, iroi mune, sakizori, bohi.  Hawatare: 1 shaku 2 sun 2 bu 4 rin (37.1 cm / 14.6").  Motohaba:  2.85 cm.  Kasane:  5.7 mm.  Gunome notare midare, togare, deep ashi iri, yo, choji, nado.  The boshi is jizo.  Itame hada, some looseness, there are weak gunome midare utsure, nado.   The blade is very clean, though a few scratches visible in the pictures below.  There are several Kaneharu, I have ruled out the Oei, Eikyo and Tensho smiths.

The tsuka is brown leather without menuki.  The fuchi kashira are Higo iron, with a boar eye opening in the kashira.  The fuchi is high waisted with a gilt boarder.  Black ribbed ishime saya, with pockets for kozuka and kogai.  The kurikata is missing.  The kojiri is textured shakudo.  The kozuka is shakudo with gold, silver and copper in design of flowers landscape and a samurai.  The kogai was lost.  The tsuba is a squared moku with flowered mon patterns in the iron and pistils in the sukashi at the four corners, 5.69 cm x5.49 cm x 3,3 mm.   The tsuba has excellent color, and there are good tekotsu.  The colored copper habaki has textured shakudo on back and front edges.    

Faint gunome midare utsure


Kaneharu Saku


Squared moku tsuba with flower mon & pistils in the sukashi



Copper tsuba with textured shakudo ends


Very busy kozuka

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