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Kawachi Daijo Masahiro Wakizashi


Withdrawn from sale.  Interested parties should email to check possible availability. 

A wakizashi, signed Kawachi Daijo Fujiwara Masahiro.   Hawatare:  1 shaku 2 sun 6 bu  (38.18 cm / 15.03").  Motohaba:  2.06 cm.  Sakihaba:  2.3cm.  Kasane:  5 mm.  Shinogizukure, iroi mune.  Gunome, slightly midare nie based hamon.  The jigane is a tight, even itame, with fine jinie.  Excellent intact horimono of burning Fudo standing on a lotus, and a ken with a vajra handle on the reverse.  Red copper habaki with bonji.  NTHK-NPO work sheet giving the blade 76 points, 80 being their equivalent to NBTHK juyo.  Ref. rated josaku in  Nihon Toko Jiten - Shinto Hen, by Fujishiro; valued at  5,500,000 yen in Toko Taikan, by Tokuno.  However, in the Heisei 16 edition, he is rated at 7,500,000 yen.

Black tsuka ito shibuichi fuchi-kashira, menuki of  kabuto with a naginata, and a bow and arrows.  The tsuba is a good early Edo Owari sukashi with good iron bones and color.  Brown lacquer saya with horn fittings. 

As of Heisei juichi nen (2000) seventeen of his swords had been rated Juyo Token.  It is recorded that Umetada Munenaga did horimono for Kawachi Daijo Masahiro.  $11,500



                                           Superior intact horimono



Early Edo Owari Tsuba


NTHK-NPO work sheet rating 76 points, and specifying first generation.



Nihon Toko Jiten - Shinto-hen



Toku Taikan

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