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Kirimon Itsukoromono


SALE  $2,000

Post-operation medical expenses, and inability to do much.  This is $250 less than I paid for the set.


A married kirimon itumono  (five piece set) with older NTHK papers issued by the elder Yoshikawa in 1979.  All the tosogu, except the menuki, are shakudo nanako with gold kiri mon.   The shakudo tsuba, with raised vines and kiri and ginger root in gold, is attributed to Mino Goto.  Tsuba: 6.8 cm x 6.38 cm.  Fuchi: 3.69 cm x 2.28 cm x 1.06 cm.  Kashira: 3.33 cm x 1.68 cm x 7.7 mm.  A good boxed set, or ideal for mounting.  $2,900

This is the proper color.  Some tsuba pictures are lighter to show detail.

Neither tsuba or background are this light.  The mat is black.  Photographic detail is lost as color is darkened. 





Fine nanako on the top of the kashira

Shakudo and gold menuki.


NTHK Kanteisho


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