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(Haruaki) Hogen Menuki

KO 002

A small pair of menuki picturing three birds in silver gold and shibuichi, signed, Hogen on a silver plaque.  3.1 cm x 1.23 & 2.99 cm x 1.14 cm.  Haynes, H 00760.0,  Wakayama, Toso Kodogu Meiji Taikei, vol. I, pages 221 - 230.  Haruaki Hogen 1787 - 1857, was a prolific artist and teacher, having thirty or more students.  He studied with Yanagawa Naoharu, and was granted the use of the Haru kanji in 1807, at the age of twenty.  By about the age of 33 he was recognized by the Bakufu, and given a middle court title of Chumu, and the title of Hokkyo.  At around the age of 4, he was granted the title of Hogen.  Many of the signed pieces, are actually student's work.  Because of the way the nikuzuki radical is cut the gen kanji, instead of the radical me, I believe that this is a student's work.  Nonetheless, this is an extremely nice set of menuki by a gifted artist.    $650.


Toso Kodogu Meiji Taikei

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