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Ko Tosho Tsuba



An impressive and extremely large ubu Ko Tosho tsuba, with large double tomoe sukashi.   9.63 cm x 9.47 cm x 2.8 mm to 3.0 mm at the mimi.  Good color and condition.  Granular and globular tekotsu, and tekotsu linked together forming a chain.   Very fine granular tekotsu throughout, and the tsuba sparkles in sunlight.   There is a small kirikomi (sword cut) in the edge.  The size and character argue for early Muromachi or perhaps Nambokucho. Ex Arnold Frenzel collection*.     

   I                   Small Kirikomi                                   


Two pictures of the same area of tekotsu forming a chain

* Arnold Frenzel has long been one of the serious scholars and collector of tsuba, has a keen eye, and special love for old iron. 


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