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Kotetsu & Kiyomaro


A difficult volume to find, I currently have only two.  An excellent boxed hardbound catalogue, with a blue raw silk cover,  of the Kiyomaro and Kotetsu exhibition at the Sano Musuem in 2006.   The catalogue is 158 pages, there are 35 Kotetsu examples: 30 Kotetsu, 1 Okimasa, 2 kogatana, 1 set of armor sleeves, and 1 tsuba.  There are 32 pages of Kiyomaro:  28 blades with his various signatures, and 4 kogatana.  There is an English index with partial descriptions.                                                                                                  


$120 S & H included

(Overseas Sales by Sea Surface - Additional Charge For First Class Mail)