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Kumagai Mitsumasa Tsuba



A very nice signed and dated Kumagai tsuba by Mitsumasa.   7.25 cm x .51 cm x 4.3 mm. Excellent condition.  Signed, Takei Mitsumasa and dated Kaei 6 hachi gatsu (August 1853) Silver rain and gold swirling clouds and boulders on the face, and distant mountains and landscape on the reverse.  Ref Haynes     H 0.5248.   Seiunsai Mitsumasa, a student of Kumagai Yoshiyuki, worked in Kumagai in Higo province.  He worked in the style of both Kumagai and Tanaka schools.    This one is in Tanaka style.  So if you like the Tanaka style, but not the Tanaka price, this could be a good fit.         $650.

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