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Kunimasa Katana


A massive katana signed, Doshu no Kami Kunimasa.  Shinogizukure, toriizori, chukissaki, iroi mune, ubu nakago, with three mekugiana, two original.   Hawatare:  2 shaku 4 sun 7 bu 5 rin,  (75 cm or 29.53").  Motohaba:  3.41.  Sakihaba:  2.31.  Kasane:  7.5 mm.  A wide hamon of long notare in fine konie deep soft habuchi.  The jigane is tight itame.  With the exception of a few small scratches, it is in good polish - certainly no need for another polish. 

Brown tsukaito, soft metal Mino fuchi-kashira of flowers and vegetation, a theme mirrored in the menuki.  The tsuba is an early yashiro inlay on iron.  The black saya has a couple of silver colored support rings, and a silver kojiri. 

Doshu Kunimasa worked in Tosa during Enpo (1673 - 1681) according to Fujishiro, who rates him Chusaku.  He was the adopted son of Tosa Yoshikuni.  He was in the second generation Tamba Yoshimichi mon.  TokoTaikan, rates the first generation at 2,800,000 yen, and dates him working in Manji (1658 -1661).   Tokuno then gives a brief description of all seven generation in a single paragraph.   



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