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Kunimune Wakizashi



An ubu, machiokure, small wakizashi, signed nijimei Kunimune.  Whle techniquely a wakizashi, I can't help but think of this as an extended tanto.   Hirazukure, slight sori, short bohi and soebi.  Hawatare: 1 sun 8 bu  (32.7 cm /12.9"). Motohaba: 2.54 cm.  Kasane: 5.2 mm. Konie suguba ko-midare, itame hada.  NBTHK kicho to shinto Kunimune.

Fuchi-kashira & kojiri are ensuite sentoku and silver Sendai work.  The menuki are black pine and a gold moon, that appear to be lacquered, and not shakudo.  The tsuba is Nara school, circa 1750.  The saya with inscribed flowing water pattern has green abalone shell flakes throughout. 

This is and Uda Kunimune from early Edo.  The primary value is in the koshirae, and the blade exhibits a great deal of shintetsu.  The bohi was cut to remove a flaw, the edge of which is still visible.  There is a round opening toward the front of the blade where a slag inclusion came out.  This is a decorator, something for someone who just wants a mounted old blade                                                      $650.



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