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A very attractive kwaiken, woman's knife,  with red and gold takamakie of kiri, signed, Ikaisai Kozan.  The kashira and kojiri are well patinaed silver, the fuchi, koiguchi, and kurikata are polished horn.   A small sentoku kogai, lacking any significant design.   The habaki is gilt copper.  The mumei  hirazukure shinshinto, or gendai, tanto measures 5 sun 4 bu 4.5 rin (16.5 cm  / 6.5").  Hamachi: 1.86 cm.  Kasane 6 mm.  Nioi deki hamon in gunome, slightly midare.  The jigane is an itame.  The blade needs a polish, but the value is in the koshirae.  All in all, a very attractive, decorative, and historically interesting piece, well worth owning for the lacquer work alone.   

Ikaisai Kozan

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