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Kyo Shoami Mon & Ginger Tsuba


Well, once again, I let Lucy Van Pelt hold the football while I ran toward it, kicked, and had it pulled away, allowing me to fall flat on my back.  Or at least that is how it feels to have again put two things on hold for someone who swore that the check would be in the mail.  I am really going to have to adopt the gun show saying. "money talks, b.s. walks".  So this and the other are back on the market, and one wouldbe customer is out of it. 


An early Kyo Shoami tsuba 7.1 cm x 7.04 cm x 5 mm.  This is a mon that I have not encountered frequently on older fittings, although I have seen in o shingunto kabutogane.  Good color and condition.  There are abundant globular tekotsu in the rim.  There is a museum accession number 1893 inside the nakago ana.                                                Oops!  I mispriced this one, and have been taken to task by the consignor.  Far better that, than having sold it short, and having to come up with the difference.   So those of you who paused to consider, I will remind, that timing is everything.  The correct price is $850

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