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Large Sukashi Jumon Tsuba



A large moku sukashi jumon tsuba with Heianjo style brass inlay, much of it missing, but the inscribed patterns are clear and attractive. 9.03 cm x 8.89 cm x 5.3 mm.  I suspected that the tsuba may have been altered to accommodate a kozuka, but the rust on the short cross bar is concomitant with the rust in the chukensettsu.  Very good color.  It is my opinion that this is early Edo Satsuma work.   A similar example is found in Haynes catalogs 1981 & 1982.   His comments, " The attached part of the kozuka ana now cut away as is the side of the seppa dai  (Done long ago).  This shape with style of inlay is very rare. --- Circa 1650".   I do not believe that this piece was cut away, as there is no remnant of the kozuka ana.          

Haynes catalog 1981 #10 & 1982 #24

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