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Utsushi of Kamakura Tsuba


An utsushi of a Kamakura period tsuba that is the property of the Ashikaga.  11.29 cm x 11.31 cm x 2 mm web and 4 mm at the mimi.  The original has hitsuana for kozuka & kogai, greater detail, and surface designs as well.   Ref.  The original is illustrated in Sasano's Toshogu no Kigen, plate #34.  The boar is associated with Hachiman, the tutelary god of warriors, and the kanji are part of a mantra Namu Hachiman Daibo Satsu.  He is also the divine protector of Japan and the Japanese people, the Imperial house, the Minamoto clan ("Genji"), and most samurai worshipped him.   

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