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Ko Kinko Tsuba


A Muromachi period Ko Kinko or Kagamishi Shinchu tsuba with a broad and wide mimi.   The body of the tsuba is quite thin, and would measure in fractions of millimeters.   Worm eaten wood pattern and multicolored pine needle on the mimi.  the face of the tsuba is dotted with little flower punches that is frequently seen in Ko Kinko work.  Excellent condition. 7.94 cm x 7.71 cm x 3.5 mm.  As per Robert Haynes, "Cary had some great things, you frequently see this sort of work in Sendai.  The treatment of the pine needle looks like Umetada work.  Momoyama or early Edo."  Something for the advanced collector.  Ex Cary Condell, ex Skip Holbrook collection.                                  

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