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Links to Recommended Sites



NBTHK -  http://www.touken.or.jp/

NBTHK Europe -  http://www.nbthk.net/

NBTHK/AB  - http://www.nbthk-ab.org

Robert Benson - The grand master of knowledge and access. bushidojapaneseswords

Fred Weissberg - Nihonto.com - The first and arguably the best of the sites dealing in Japanese swords and related items.

Moses Becerra - Japanese Art Sword Polisher - Excellent Selection of Quality Items  nihontoantiques.com

Darcy Brockbank  - nihonto.ca       High quality,  wonderful pictures, fulsome & well researched descriptions.

Byron Shimizu - samuraiswords-hawaii.com Professional restoration and a good selection of items for sale.

Ted Tenold - Legacyswords.com - Offering restoration, modern and antique swords and fittings.

Mike Yamasaki -  www.tetsugendo.comOfficering a wide range of swords & fittings.

Nihoncraft - Danny Massey - A Great Site


Ed Marshall - A good Selection & Honest Guy http://yakiba.com/

Boris  Markhasin & Friends -A very fine site www.yamabushiantiques.com/

Fred Geyer - Good goods and tempting prices www.swordsandtsuba.com

Grey Doffin - A new site by one of the good guys.  A must visit.http://www.japaneseswordbooksandtsuba.com

Jon Healy - a site offering custom knives as well as Nionto.


Shibui Swords, excellent articles, and selection of blades and important tsuba www.shibuiswords.com


Bill Rannow - swords and assorted militaria http://www.artswords.com/


Mike Quigley - a veritable panoply of Asian art & militaria



Matt Brice a wide range of collector knives and Japanese swords.   www.stcroixblades.com.

  Not samurai stuff, but really decent Japanese kitchen knive: https://www.nisbets.com.au/yourcompleteguidetokitchenknives