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 A very clean matchlock from late-middle Edo, around 1760.    Fluted hexagonal barrel inlayed with mon and bird in either silver or sahari.  The mussel is a bulb with rope pattern and plum blossom inlay.  131 cm / 51.578" overall length.    101 cm / 39,76" barrel length.  14.1 mm / .555" bore.  Signed, Sesshu Ju Shimitani Kihachiro,   Sesshu is currently Northern Osaka.  Because this was a period of relatively few conflicts, matchlocks became more and more decorative.  An very clean gun that owes no apologies.                                                                                          


摂州住嶌谷喜八郎 -  Sesshu Ju Shimatani Kihachiro


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