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Meibutsu Token - Homotsu no Nihonto



Meibutsu Token - Homotsu no Nihonto (Named swords - Japans' treasure swords).  Yes, I am aware that "homotsu" is also read "takaramono", but not being Japanese, I do not know which is the correct usage.  The catalog on Meibutsu swords is latest in a series of books of traveling exhibitions, which in the past have included Ichimonji, Kiyomaro, etc.  Some English text.  Boxed and with a blue silk binding. 

Pages 112 - 126 are in English, translated by Victor Harris, Keeper Emeritus of Japanese Antiquities, The British Museum.  112 - 115 specifics about the sword.  116 - 126 cover information from the emergence of legendary swords to the meaning of gold inlaid signatures, and many things in between that are get frequent inquiries.   Pages 31 -155 excellent pictures, oshigata, and explanations in Japanese.  The first seven plates are not Meibutsu, but important swords, some Kokuho.   158 - 163, San'yo Shiryo, covering old kanteisho and books.  164 - 210 covers several topics including on page 185 a list of the Hon'ami kakihan.

Previous publications, now out of print, have been selling for in excess of $500.                                            S & H paid within continental United States  $130 within the continental United States, others add $15 S & H.




                    Tsuda Totoumi Nagamitsu                                                   Kanbe Taema                               




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