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Mihara Masahisa Wakizashi



A naginatanaoshi style wakizashi attributed to Sue Bitchu Mihara Masaiye.  Hawatare: 1 shaku 2 sun 3 bu 6 rin (37.46 cm or 14.75").  Motohaba:  3.03 cm.    Kasane: 4.6 mm at the mune.  Kasane at the shinogi: 6.9 mm. gunome midare in ko nie deki.  Soft, wide habuchi;.  There is ha nie, sunagashi, kinsuji, nado. The jigane is itame nagare.  NTHK-NPO kanteisho attributing the blade to Mihara Masaiye working around  Temmon (1532 - 1555).

The koshirae is en  suite  Nara shinchu mounts: fuchi-kashira, koiguchi, kurikata, uragawara, and kojiri.  The older iron tsuba, has had a shinchu mimi added.  The shinchu kozuka may have been made for the mount, or selected because it is a good match.  The menuki are high quality, deep black shakudo, of a man in a boat.  The saya is in excellent condition, however one of the ito in the handle has broken, and needs attention. 

Mihara Masahisa Tensho jidai,  (July 1573 - December 1592).  Rated Chusaku in Nihon Ttoko Jiten - Koto Hen.  Single circle in Nihonto Meikan.

In older polish.  However, due to mishandling, there are a couple of small stains, as shown below.  Certainly a little uchiko, oil, and elbow grease would clean these off.                            





Detail of bleached out area in above picture.

Hamon Details

Minor staining from mishandling. 


Small ware




Nihon Toko Jiten - Koto Hen


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