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Uda Katana


Of course!  Just as the holidays are about arrive, the Gods, Goddesses, Gremlins, Nymphs, Powers that be, with or without personification, have taken this opportunity to make my life a little more unpleasant than had the IRS already achieved.   Therefore, we are having a sale. cutting the the price, not by a paltry 10% or 20%, but by more than a full one third, leaving me more than a little shy any thoughts of profit, and embracing a minimal loss.


An o-suriage katana attributed to Uda.   Hawatare:  2 shaku 2 sun 2 bu (67.27 cm / 26.5").  Motohaba:  3.38 cm.  Sakihaba:  2.3cm.  Kasane:  7.3 mm.  Nie deki, chu suguba, ko midare, gunome midare, ha nie kinsuji, gifu, nado.  Masame hada, ji nie, chikei, gifu, nado.  Sharp pointed boshi with long kaeri.  In fresh polish, old shirasaya, with accompanying koshirae.  NBTHK Hozon kanteisho. 

The Edo period, very strong Namban style koshirae, with en suite iron tosogu finished with a diamond nanako pattern: fuchi-kashira, koiguchi, band for kurikata, and kojiri.   The kurikata, a silver loop attached to an iron band.   Black tsukamaki over black same, and gilt Namban style dragon menuki.  The saya is brocade with mon in a diamond pattern.  The tsuba is a moku Saotome, with cloud sukashi. The seppa are heavy copper with gilt fretwork edges. NBTHK Hozon kanteisho for the koshirae. 

The front end of a Nambokucho tachi, whose dimensions place it around 1360.  I believe that all of what is today nakago, was originally cutting edge.   $12,000

Masame hada & Ji nie

Kinsuji & Gifu


Ji nie, Chikei, & Gifu.                                                                                        Loose hada & large gifu


Namban style dragon menuki,


Brocade saya with mon.


Iron tosogu



Saotome Tsuba



Seppa                                        Kissaki

Nakago                                                                                  NBTHK Hozon Kanteisho                                                                                                     


NBTHK Hozon Kanteisho

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