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Momoyama Heianjo Tsuba




Another tsuba that I am happy to have taken back in on trade.  An excellent Momoyama Heianjo katana tsuba. 7.69 cm x 7.61 cm x 3.3 mm.  Great color.  Unlike so many, the brass has not been cleaned, so sit still has the proper patina of age.  One small section of vine missing from the face, and three small leaves missing on the reverse.  Copper and lead sekigane.  The iron is a little blacker and the brass a little darker, this was shot in harsh sunlight.

Depending on your source, the Momoyama period was from 1568 to 1600; 1573 - 1600; 1568 to 1614; or 1573 - 1602, which is the one that I have always favored.  So somewhere between 400 and 441 years old.   




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