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Aizu Motooki Katana


An ubu katana signed nijimei by nidai Aizu Motooki.  Hawatare:  2 Shaku 3 sun (69.7 cm / 27.44").  Motohaba:   2.96 cm.  Sakihaba:  1.92 cm.   Kasane:  7.4 mm.  Ko nie deki bright suguba ko-notare, ha nie, lkinsuji, nado.  Moist itame hada, packed with ko nie, nado. The boshi is komaru.  In old polish, slight staining on the kissaki, which looks worse in pictures than in hand. Valued at 3,800,000 yen in Tokuno,  Toko Taikan.  Double square in Nihonto Meikan.  NTHK/NPO kanteisho.

Mounted in clean shingunto koshirae.

The second generation worked around Ansei (1854-1860).  He succeeded as second generation, because his father died before assuming that position. In his mid-teen years, his Lord sent him to Edo to study under Korekazu.  His early work resembled that of Suishinshi Masahide, however after studying in Satsuma his work changed markedly.  His blades became longer, with a shallower sori, the jigane appearing soft, and the jihada scarcely discernable.  This is an example of his Satsuma influenced work.  In Keio gen nen (1865) he went to Kyoto, and in Keio ni nen (1866) was awarded the title of Yamato no Kami.  He died March 12, 1868, at the age of 80.             $4,150


Suguba Ko Notare, Ha Nie, Nijuba


Tight Itame Hada - Scarcely Discernable


Komaru Boshi - Slight staining on hamon



                    Motooki Mei                                                    NTHK/NPO Kanteisho                                                                                                            




Toko Taikan



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