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Mounted Mumei Tanto




An attractively mounted mumei Mino school blade. Hawatare:  9 sun  0.9 rin (27.3 cm / 10.74").  Motohaba:  2.54 cm.   Kasane:  5.2 mm.  Ko nie based gunome notare midare; some ashi iri forming togari choji; small gifu; nado.  The jigane is a rolling masame with profuse small jinie, ending in a jizu boshi with a long kaeri becoming muneyaki.  The jibara wrapped tsuka is brown ito; the fuchi is patterned sentoku; an older Kaga yoshiro kashira with brass and copper in honzogan; the menuki red copper sea shells, a pattern and treatment I have not come across before.  The sentoku tsuba is of a dog tied to a sea shell  The saya is a rich brown black lacquer, ribbed three fifths of the length,  a black horn kaeri zuno, and an iron Shoami kojiri with shakudo and gilt foliage. 

Although the hamon and jigane are visible the blade needs a polish.  A great piece for a new collector, a martial artist, or as a decorator.  $1,650

Classic Mino jizo head boshi.


Gunome midare togare hamon, and rolling masame with itame mixed in.

Shinchu tsuba



                                                                 Kaga Yoshiro kashira                                                                                     Shoami kurikata


Red copper sea shell menuki

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