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Mumei Katana



An excellent example of, if it can go wrong it will.  This sword was purchased and traveled from Minneapolis to Chicago to Madrid to Brussels, rejected by customs and returned to Madrid to Chicago, then back to Madrid to Brussels, then to Chicago to Minneapolis.  I changed the invoice, and shipped it again to Chicago, Madrid, Brussels, then Madrid, Chicago, Madrid, Brussels, and back to Chicago, where it sat for two weeks before I was able to retrieve it.  $159 in postage for naught.  The customer decided to give up on this piece, and purchased something else.  So if you are willing to see if this was just a fluke, and not a cursed sword, this is again available. 

A stout ubu, mumei katana.  Shinogizukure, iroi mune, chu-kissaki, high shinogi, hiraniku.  The bohi stops just ahead of the yokote.  Hawatare: 2 shaku 2 sun 8 bu 3 rin (69.2 cm or 27.24").   Motohaba: 3.14 cm. Sakihaba: 2.23 cm. Kasane: 6.7 mm. The hamon is notare with gunome, gunome choji, ashi and yo within.  There is hataraki and kinsuji.  The jigane has been obscured but an amateur American polish, however my guess would be tight itame.  There are no problems visible.  Although the nakago looks earlier, my feeling is that this is later Edo. 

WWII army tsuka; leather covered shirasaya; a good iron Awa Shoami tsuba, signed Shoami, iron and shakudo takazogan, and gold nunome.   There are good tekotsu visible on the surface.          $2,200



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