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Mumei Koto Katana



An o-suriage koto katana.    Shinogizukure, chukissaki, iroi mune, ubu nakago, with one mekugiana.   The nakago was ground at the end, but this requires only a small repair. There is a slight hint of a sakizori.  Hawatare:  2 shaku 0 sun 7 bu 2 rin,  (62.8 cm or 24.72").  Motohaba: 2.65 cm .  Sakihaba:  1.75 cm .  Kasane: 6.1  mm. The hamon is gunome midare, ashi, hotsure, nijuba, sunagashi, hataraki, kinsuji, nado.  It should be stunning in polish.  The blade is too greyed down to read the hada.  With all the activity in the hamon, I would expect to see jinie and chikei.

This is a project gamble sword, and is so priced.  There should be no problem with it surviving polish, the question is how koto is it?  It is no newer than 1575, and perhaps as old as 1275, I can't tell.  If Muromachi, not that much fun.  If Kamakura, happy times.  I would recommend taking it to shinsa and getting an opinion -- several opinions, before investing in polish.  This is a very similar sugata and length of a Yamato Kamakura that I had that passed juyo.  Note:  "similar to", is not "exactly alike". This is the length that Kamakura Yamato blades are frequently shortened to.  But then too, so are others.  Priced to make gambling practical.                     $450


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