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Mumei Shinshinto Katana



An ubu mumei shinshinto katana.  Shinogizukure, iroi mune, chu kissaki.  Hawatare: 2 shaku 3 sun 1 bu (70 cm / 27.56").  Motohaba: 3.19 cm.  Sakihaba: 2.13 cm.  Kasane: 7.4 mm.  Chu suguba notare, with a even bright habuchi with a soft appearance.  The boshi is omaru, and komaru.  The jigane is an even nishiji with jinie and short chikei.  In polish and shirasaya.  I suspect that the polish was done by Muneyoshi Nakajima, a polisher in the SF Bay area back in the 1960s.  I believe that the copper habaki was made at the time of polishing.  This is from an old collection, and has never been submitted to shinsa. 



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