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Nambokucho Naginatanaoshi



A naginatanaoshi wakizashi from early Nambokucho or late Kamakura.  This is unfortunately saiba, retempered Hawatare:  1 shaku 6 sun 9 bu 7 rin  (51.44 cm / 25.25").  Motohaba:  2.73 cm. Kasane:  2 mm. at the mune, 6.6 mm at the shinogi,  Shobuzukure, iroi mune.  A great deal of hataraki in the hamon, sunagashi, kinsuji, nado.  The jigane is o-mokume, long and short chikei, nado.  In new polish, silver habaki, and shirasaya.  This likely started its life as a high quality Soshu blade, but somewhere along the line was exposed to heat on lost its temper.  A real shame, because there remains evidences of so much really fine work. 

Before polish, I could see just enough to be exciting.  After polish, disappointment.  So I have it priced at less than the restoration costs.  An interesting study piece, or something for the martial artist.  $1,500



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