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Nobuiye Tsuba


An extremely dense tsuba signed nijimei, Nobuiye.  This is the work of Kaga Nobuiye, circa 1600, who made mostly tanto tsuba, and almost exclusively of tortoise shell pattern. This has the addition of water plantain. The tortuous shell  pattern continues on the rim.  Interestingly, there is the Hosokawa mon in the center of each hexagon.  Haynes H.07066.0.  6.3 cm x 5.84 cm x 6 mm. Shakudo sekigane.  The hammered rim is silvered, this is not wear.  Because this tsuba is so dense, and silvery color, I had assumed it to be a lead casting.  It is not.  Magnets love it.    A really great little tsuba, for serious collectors.     $450                   


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