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Aiguchi Signed Nobukuni


REDUCED:  $1,400

A well mounted tanto signed nijimei, Nobukuni.  Hirazukure, iroi mune, muzori, suriage, machiokure.  Hawatare:  7 sun 7 bu 5 rin (23.5  cm. / 9.25").   Motohaba:  2.02 cm.    Kasane:  4.6 mm .   The blade seemingly remains healthy, though much polished.  Ito suguba, very bright habuchi, nijuba, nado.  The hamon drops very close to the ha in places.  The boshi is yakizumi.  The hada is unreadable due to the blade's condition, however there is no evidence of shintetsu.  Likely well worth a polish.

The waisted tsuka wrapped in white ito, excellent shakudo nanako kashira of a hunting falcon on his perch in shakudo takazogan.  The falcon has a shakudo pupil in a gold eye, with gold wings, and sitting on a gold perch.  The menuki are gold ume (plum blossom), and are likely Umetada work. The intact saya is black ishime lacquer with horn mounts.  Vintage hand braided sageo. The kozuka is iron with brass and silver takazogan.  The kogatana is signed, Mino no Kami Fujiwara Masatsune.

Before dismissing this as a gimei, we need to consider a couple of things.  Sometimes an owner would have an mei cut as an unsigned attribution.  I once submitted a Saburo Kunimune with one such, that passed to juyo after the mei was removed.  Also the Nihonto Meikan lists 35 koto smiths who signed Nobukuni.  Neither my references, knowledge, nor blade's condition allows me to do other than speculate.   $2,200


Falcon Kashira





Mino no Kami Fujiwara Masatsune



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