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Nobutaka Tanto



A graceful eighth generation tanto signed, Shimizu Jinnoshin Nobutaka.  Dated, Kansei hachi nen ni gatsu hi (a day in February 1797) Hawatare: 5 sun 9 bu 8 rin (18.1 cm / 7.125")  Motohaba: 2.34 cm.   Kasane: 9.4 mm.   Suguba, slight notare, in ko nie, there is ha nie.  The boshi is a pointed komaru with a slightly longish kaeri.  The jigane is a moist itame slightly nagare.  Jinie and chikei.  There is a shiraki bo-utsure.  The horimono is a skillfully carve futatsubi and bonji.   In first rate polish, shirsaya, and mounted with a horn habaki.   Valued at 2,200,000 yen in Toko Taikan, by Tokuno.

The Nobutaka smiths worked in Owari province, and in the Mino tradition.  From Nambokucho times there was a good deal of interaction between the smiths in Owari and Mino provinces.  Eighth generation Nobutaka dated works range from Kansei 5 (1794) to Bunka 2 (1805).                                                                                                             $3,200



Toko Taikan, by Tokuno

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