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Nobutaka Wakizashi



A long o-suriage wakizashi attributed to (Hoki No Kami Fujiwara) Nobutaka.  Shinogizukure, iroi mune, chu kissaki, two mekugiana.. Hawatare: 1 Shaku 6 sun 4 bu (49.7 cm or 19.6").  Motohaba: 2.7 cm.  Sakihaba:  1.83 cm.  Kasane:  5.6 mm.    Gunome notare miidare in nie deki, there is profuse ha nie which is bright and somewhat large, there is a great deal of hotsure.  There is sunagashi, kisuji, nado.    The boshi is komaru with a long kaeri. The bright jigane is a mixture of mokume nagare and masame.  There is ji nie and chikei throughout.  The nakago is o-suriage and machi okure,  two mekugi ana.  In polish, mounted in koshirae, silver habaki, & NBTHK Kicho Kanteisho. 

Black tsukamaki over white same, Shakudo shishi menuki, shibuichi fuchi with katakiribori Shishi and peony, horn kashira.  Tosho tsuba from Momoyama times, Black lacquer saya.

He is an Owari smith, working in Mino tradition.  There were ten generations of Nobutaka, ranging from Momoyama to Shinshinto times.  Unfortunately the kanteisho only lists the smith's two character name, doesn't list a title, or indicate a time frame, making a generational attribution difficult.  I am comfortable excluding the first two generations, and I don't believe it is as young as Shinshinto. I think that early 18th century is likely.  

Orgins:  The shodai Nobutaka, though considered shinto, bridged the koto and shinto period, receiving his title in Tensho kyu nen (1581).  He was the last descendant of San'ami Kanenori.  The nidai received his title in 1633.  He became a monk at in 1662, at the age of sixty, and used the signature Zen Hakushu Nobutaka Nyudo.   One of the stellar smiths of his day, there was such great demand for his work during Kanbun (1661 -1673), that he forged swords with the help of his son.  So many of his swords are by both the second and third generation Nobutaka.                                                                                  $1,500




Tsuka with formal horn kashira




Shakudo Shishi Menuki


Fuchi in the style of Yokoya 


Tosho Tsuba 


Silver foil Habaki 



NBTHK Kicho Kanteisho. 

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